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  1. Ember

    Hi Tom, my name is Ember. I am writing an essay in my photography class on the photographer that inspires me. I have chosen you because of your amazing wildlife work. I was just wondering if I could do some sort of interview with you through email of over the phone and try to get some answers for a few questions of mine that I can’t seem to find on your website. If you could I would really appreciate it. I really love your work, thanks for inspiring me to work to become a photographer as well.

  2. Jessica Rodriguez

    Dear Tom,
    Today I visited my local museum. The Booth Western Museum in Cartersville, GA. I was so excited to see that they actually had a photograph there considering most of the work is paintings. The photo I saw was Bison at 35degrees I think its called. It was amazing. I am finishing up my photography degree soon and I just wanted to say that your work is wonderful. I am curious what you shoot with, what lens, what format, what settings because the shots are breath taking. Thank you so much for what you do with the camera and with the national parks. I am definitely a fan for life.
    Your fellow photographer,

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