Coralroot Flowers


Printed on archival fine art matte paper using pigment-based inks.

Photograph Number: 50406


Wildflowers present every color, hue, and tint to the sun. In tiny specks or expansive meadows, these colors shift and change everyday. Their shapes mimic other creatures or they entice with sweet tastes of nectar to provide an extravagant dining table of irresistible food. A single blossom’s life is short, usually less than a few days, but the cumulative array of color, texture, shape and delicate fluttering motion is one of the most memorable features of summer. Flowers are a driving force of evolution. Plants use a myriad of insects and almost every other form of flying and terrestrial animal to help in their own reproduction. By providing food, shelter, or camouflage as a “trade,” a flower has a way to produce a seed. In this symbiotic relationship with other creatures, most root-bound, stationary plants get their fruit and seeds dispersed. Wind and rain are exploited, too by these clever plants to scatter and move their seeds. Flowers probably created things like honey bees and hummingbirds.

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