Silence & Solitude


For two years, Tom had the use of two video cameras, loaned to him by Carol Truez and Jon Geiss. Carol and Jon used the spring, summer and autumn footage for a video/DVD called “Discovering Yellowstone”. Several years after “Discovering Yellowstone” was finished, Tom went to PBS with approximately 25 hours of footage of Yellowstone in winter that Carol and Jon had not used. PBS combined this digital footage with many of Tom’s stills from his new book Silence and Solitude in Dec 2002 and produced a video which has been aired all over the US by over 100 PBS stations. The DVD, which was released in Dec 2004, includes an interview with Tom and many new Yellowstone winter still images.

Tom’s videography and still photography was nominated for an Emmy in this DVD produced by Montana PBS.

Photograph Number: SILENCE_DVD