The Light of Spring – Second Edition


“In my photographs, I try to illustrate in a simple, relevant, and clear way the beauty of our natural world.  We can see only what we understand; therefore, one role of art is to expand our circle of awareness. The complex natural world will forever keep us straining to gaze out beyond the present reach of our awareness. Each of us came from the same star dust, yet we often make our individual uniqueness a barrier to other life.  Every other life has the same individual uniqueness as ours, visible if we look closely.  As we travel on our short visit here we constantly commingle with other parts of the universe. We share the water, the air, and the soil with all other creatures. Starlight touches us from suns faded to darkness long before our sun appeared. These particles of matter that we now call ours came from stars and will eventually become parts of other stars.  To positively influence our world, we must carry our unique and communal star dust so that we contribute light and beauty to this space and this time we have.”

-From Tom’s introduction to The Light of Spring 



The Light of Spring is a generous gift from Tom Murphy. He shares with us the eye of a painter, the mind of a naturalist and a poet’s soul, all of it transported by the strong legs and heart of a man at peace in a wild environment. From the tiny spiders to grizzly bears, he examines the natural world of Yellowstone Park at eye level, giving us a portrait as complex and captivating as birdsong. Lots of books make you open your eyes. This one makes you listen.”

– Scott McMillion, Author, ‘Mark of the Grizzly’

Crystal Creek Press
ISBN 0-9668619-1-4
144 pages
Dimensions: 12.1 x 10.7 x 0.8 inches